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The importance of daylight: people are happier when the sun is shining!

Daylight, especially sunlight, has a positive effect on all living organisms. It affects the biological rhytm of humans, animals and plants. Daylight is soothing and shows contrasts; it is indispensable!

True-Light is the original!
It is the full spectrum daylight lamp that was developed in the United States for astronauts and crews of submarines who suffered complaints by the lack of daylight.
The solution was found in True-Light full spectrum daylight lamps.

Many producers of daylightlamps try to imitate True-Light, but none equals the true daylight colour like True-Light does! Want to know more about fullspectrum daylightlamps? Read more about it: https://www.comparedaylightlamps.com/. Want to know about True-Light? Read more on the information pages >> or view one of the videos below.

Video True-Light for business use

Video True-Light for private use

Light is reflection. The only thing we can see is the light source and the surface that reflects the light. Daylight is constantly changing in strength, while the colour (spectrum) of light constantly changes in composition. A cold winterday is blue in colour, a warm summerday is more red in colour.

The visible region of the spectrum is between 320 nanometers and 780 nanometers and contains 15 main colours including purple / blue / green / yellow / orange / red. All wavelengths together are observed as white, a white surface looks  white because it reflects all wavelengths. A red surface appears red because it absorbs most of the lightwaves except the red lightwaves.

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