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More and more labour experts see the importance of natural light while working. Not all work spaces  have sufficient windows. Increasing sickness absence figures indicate that a healthy working climate is important. This is also recognized by working organisations. Everyone is entitled to natural light while working.

True-Light <sup>®</sup>, ook geschikt voor de productiehal 
The health & safety law also underlines that daylight is very important. For several years, the health & safety law mentions a daylight standard. Unfortunately, not every working space meets this daylight standard.

The importance of natural light is evident. Many studies show this. For example, a study was held  a few years ago among workers with a work area with daylightlamps (daylight group) and people with a work area without daylight lamps (artificial light group). The researchers  measured, stress, coping with stress and sleep quality in January and in May. The study showed clear differences. The daylight group scored with the measurement in May a better mood and  less stress than in January, while the artificial light group showed no improvement in measurement. More information about working lighting:  https://www.comparedaylightlamps.com/working-lighting

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True-Light <sup>®</sup>, ook geschikt voor uw studio


True-Light lamps are used as gallery lightning, atelier lightning  or lightning for tatoo studios.

True-Light <sup>®</sup> is ideale atelier verlichtingBy the 14 phosphor powders with pure argon gas in combination with the sodium glass tube, natural daylight is reached for 96%!  The full colour spectrum of True-Light shows the real colours, lines are more visible and you will have less shadows.Terug naar boven



Kantoormoeheid is een direct gevolg van slechte verlichting Office fatigue is a direct result of poor lighting. Artificial light weakens the attention and leads to headaches and stress. Working with a computer requires good light! Therefore you use True-Light!

True-Light full-spectrum daylight lamps  relieved your eyes. True-Light is more than a replacement of natural light through the window. It is healthier, because the sodium tube passes the beneficial UV light, so your body produces vitamin D. Glass window keeps UV light outside. Truelight helpt vooral in combinatie met hoogfrequent armaturen goed tegen kantoormoeheid

A strap around your head, burning eyes, fatigue at the end of the day? True-Light lamps in combination with high-frequency armatures solve this! .Terug naar boven


Therapy spaces.

Ook in behandelruimtes is True-Light <sup>®</sup> ideale verlichting

Dentists, doctors and pharmacists, homeopathy and osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage, medical specialists, haptonomy and manual therapy.

Because True-Light has a beneficial effect on metabolism, oxygen supply and hormones, it provides an important contribution to human and animal health. True-Light is used against depression and somatic diseases and has a positive effect on the production of white blood corpuscles, the circulation of the lymph system and fertility. Dentists  also like to use True-Light ® in their practice. The use of True-Light facilitates the work of the therapist or doctor considerably.

The control of the teeth or the body of the client becomes easier because of the perfect colour rendition.Tandartsen gebruiken ook graag True-Light <sup>®</sup> in de praktijk

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Clothing shops.

Uw klanten hoeven niet meer met de kleding naar buiten te lopen Walking outside to check the colour is history with True-Light!

With True-Light lamps, the clothing will be shown in the correct colour. 

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Photographers prefer to work with true-Light daylight lamps, digital photos achieve a high quality if they are made with True-Light daylight lamps.

Workshops, garages and production spaces.

Goede verlichting van uw werkplek met True-Light <sup>®</sup> A major advantage of True-Light lamps is that the sodium glass passes UVA and UVB, which enables the body to produce vitamin D and calcium for good health.

True-Light lamps have the same advantages as natural daylight;  a healthy work environment which makes people work more comfortable  with less stress.

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Printing industry and advertising offices.

In reklamestudio's , drukkerijen en schilderwerkplaaten, gebruikt men steeds meer True-Light <sup>®</sup> verlichting.

In this industry uses True-Light lamps.
A perfect colour assessment is important! You don't need to  check the colour outside and you will see every colour deviation or blur. It is an easy way to  see if the colours fit to their requirements.Terug naar boven


True-Light lamps passes UV light,  window glass doesn't. Therefore True-Light is a replacement of natural daylight. It is healthier, because the sodium tube passes the beneficial UV light which enables the body to make vitamin D and calcium. For children who are at school many hours a day, this is essential!

Children experience working under True-Light as very pleasant. They note that you  can look in the light without getting black spots on your eyes , and that's right!

True-Light is a healthy addition to the well-being of your child.




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