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Spiral Lights

True-Light energy saving lamps have a unique daylight color temperature of 5500 Kelvin, but more importantly: they have a CRI of 95!
This means that they have 95% of the color authenticity of daylight, which is unique. Color code Netherlands 955.

The energy-saving lamps can not be dimmed. They are high frequency, this unit is in the foot between the fitting and the lamp.
The 20 watt energy saving lamp is comparable to the light output of a 75 watt light bulb, the 11 watt with a light output of a 40 watt light bulb.

Do you have a fixture with a smaller E14 fitting? Then you can order a gradient under "other products" with which you can use these energy saving lamps.

For the United Kingdom market we only sell B2B.  Therefore we need your VAT registration number when you order and are all prices exclusive VAT.

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